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Här finns alla våra recept samlade.

Gravad Lax med hovmästarsås
Gravad lax, or cured salmon recipe. Classic swedish and scandinavian recipe.

Serves four:

1 kg fresh Salmon
2 teaspoons of white pepper
½ dl Salt
½ dl Castersugar
4 dl finely chopped dill

2 tablespoons of sweet mustard
2 tablespoons of spicymustard, preferably dijon.
2 tablespoons of castersugar
2 dl Oil
2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

1. Put the salmon in your freezer a few days prior to the curing. Fillet it, but leave the skin on.

2. Mix together pepper, salt and sugar. Clap in the salt and sugarseasoning to the fish, also sprinkle over 2 dl of the chopped dill. Put the salmon in a plastic bag (or perhaps two) and seal. Leave in the fridge for 48 hours, occasionally turn it.

3. For the hovmästarsås, mash together sugar and dill so that the sugar combines with the dill. Add mustard and vinegar.

4. Slowly poor oil into the mixture until it thickens, just like making mayonnaise. Season with salt and peppar.

5. Cut the salmon in thin slices just before serving. Serve with the sauce and potatoes boiled in dill.

Här finns alla våra rese och matreportage samlade. Scandinavian food and recipes.

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