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Pyttipanna or pytt i panna recipe, also known as biksemad in Denmark and pyttipannu in Finland. Classic swedish, northern and scandinavian dish. Diced meat, potatoes and onion, often served with an fried egg and pickled beetroots. Often, atleast originally made of leftovers from yesterdays steak or similar.

Serves four:

8 large Potatoes
about 200 gram of chopped bacon, sausage, beef, pork (use what's in the fridge)
1 Onion
4-8 Eggs
about 1 dl finely chopped fresh parsley

Pickled Beetroots (if desired)
Butter for frying

1. Begin with peeling and dicing the potatoes, also dice the meat. Chop the onion quite rough.

2. Heat butter in a frying-pan or similar and add potatoes, onion and meat. Don't throw in to much at once because it will cool the pan (we wan't the potatoes golden).

3. When all the ingredients are golden, salt and pepper. Also sprinkle over the parsley. Serve the pyttipanna with fried eggs, the beetroots and perhaps a glass of milk.


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